Cargo/Loader electric Rickshaw, 48V1000W(Brushless)
Global warming is the average increase in the Earth's temperature, which leads to many adverse effects in the environment. We offer India’a s most premium Cargo Electric Rickshaw from Delhi/NCR at Reasonable Prices:
Motor type: 48V1000W(Brushless)
Roof: Fiber Body-Indian made
Controller 24 Tube
Load Capacity 500 Kgs
This Model is available with Battery , Charger or Without Battery Charger
Saturday, September 22, 2018

Battery Operated Rickshaw Manufacturer

Ankush Auto Deals is a company has a unique business model, with proven expertise in innovative thinking..
Our e-rickshaw are specifically designed for Indian roads which is highly economical and durable and are safe.
We (Ankush Auto Deals) envision to become the leading e rickshaw manufacturer through commitment and quality of excellent merchandise.
Our motto is to serve the community with professional approach. We believe in high customer satisfaction through our good customer assistance.

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